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about us


Latin Angel Studio offers all of its customers a warm and friendly welcome and hopes to change the stereotype of tattoo studios being unapproachable and intimidating.

As well as offering a first class tattooing experience to our customers, from first contact through to consultation, tattooing and aftercare, we also collect and sell unique pieces of art, taxidermy and curiosities from around the world.


At Latin Angel Studio we take pride in great customer service and all of our staff are encouraged to respect this philosophy when communicating with customers.

Every customer who is interested in having a tattoo is invited for a free consultation in the studio to discuss their ideas and create a unique design for their piece in collaboration with the artist. There is no time limit on this consultation, typically they last anywhere between 30 minutes up to several hours if necessary to ensure you are happy with your choice and ultimately will be happy with your tattoo for years to come. At Latin Angel we understand the importance of getting it right first time; tattoos are a permanent piece of art on the body and we encourage all of our customers to take the consultation process seriously and without feeling pressured or rushed. We believe this is what makes our studio stand out from others and is the reason why so many of our customers remain loyal and return to the studio time and again.

party rachael
party billy We are proud to offer a first class cover-up service to our customers, for those who have been tattooed with art they no longer want. We pay close attention to the factors which influence a customer to wish to cover-up an existing tattoo as we hope our tattoos will stand the test of time. Cover-up tattoos require much more skill than a first tattoo as the artist must find ways to draw the eye away from the initial tattoo and create a piece of art incorporating the existing tattoo and wherever possible covering it completely.

All of our designs are unique and inspired by the customers ideas and inspirations, we never repeat a tattoo. Our customers are encouraged to think seriously about their tattoo and we never tattoo a customer who appears unsure or hasn't thought through their decision properly. We hope that by choosing a design that you love you will continue to love it in the future.


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